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Performed & Filmed at Art Share (Los Angeles) September 2006

Act iii Scene 3. I-10
Choreography: Nicole Langevin

Bartender: TeAngelo Bell
Siren: Angela Henderson

Dancers: Jake Mason, Javier Chavez, Laura Karklina,
Miriam Peters-Wasmund , Monique “Smilee” Young, Stephanie Daniel

Act 1 – The Grand ReOpening

Fantasy Overview:
“I’ve always wanted to run a great restaurant, but not just any restaurant.  Some place where people could immediately enjoy themselves and feel right at home.”

1. A Night at Chelsea's
2. Things Ain't What They Used To Be *
3. G-Blues

5 minute Intermission

Act 2 – Miss Lucy

Fantasy Overview:
“I love painting. It’s something that has always come naturally to me.  Painting in Paris is a dream I’ve had since, well… since forever”

1. Miss Lucy
2. Swing Kittens
3. Samarian Lullaby
4. Chicago Zen

12 minute Intermission

Act 3 – Twisted

Fantasy Overview:
“One day, a gorgeous looking broad’s gonna walk thru that door and just rock my world”

1. C.F.I.Care
2. Intervention Riff
3. I-10
4. Twisted

(Finale’) Tomorrow’s Train

Written, Produced, Directed by Thomas Valle-Guatemala
Music by Mark Bramlett
Lighting & Stage Design: Xandra Marie Gabucan
Choreography: Nicole Langevin, Colette Brandenburg
Scene & Dance Concepts by TVG (unless otherwise noted)

Angela Henderson
Beto Isaac O'Connor
Ebony Harvey
Giancarlo Robles
Gisele Losso
Jake Mason
Javier Chavez
Kathlyne Pham
Laura Karklina
Miriam Peters-Wasmund
Monique “Smilee” Young
Stephanie Daniel
TeAngelo Bell
“A Night at Chelsea’s”, “Samarian Lullaby” and “Tomorrow’s Train” originally arranged by John Maellaro

Joe Luna
Stewart Jackson
Bronwyn Gisborne
Michael Gifone
The ‘Late Breaking’ Horns
Tracy G.
Gratz Arias
Vince Washington
Denny Tate
Steve Hunter
Richard Blair
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