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the Enchantress Sequence - Now Available via CDBaby

the Enchantress Sequence
The music for 'The Enchantress Sequence' is a brief glimpse into the musical mind of Thomas Valle-Guatemala, and spans approximately 30 years of his life & musical career. Written & recorded at various times, locations & stages... the music has been overhauled, reworked and cleaned-up specifically for this compilation.

Featuring melodic, rhythmic(and oftentimes, fiery guitar work on virtually every track, the focus is fueled by the "mood & feel" of each musical piece, conveying a story or expression, set against a select variety of musical styles, ranging from Rock to Jazz, Fusion to Latin, Orchestral to Electronica.

TVG Music

A compilation of music recorded over the years from various projects & sessions

Lone Wolf Music

A "reVisioning" of music written & recorded during the 80's, 90's and 00's

Chelsea's On Main

Theatre Dance Production
Official Site due October 2014