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Internet, Marketing & eCommerce Development

Joomla & WordPress Development | SEO | Consulting | Marketing Solutions

2013 to Present (New & reBuilt Websites)

The Hollywood Vocal Coach  Currently being developed with Joomla CMS
The 50 Plus Report  Currently being developed with WordPress CMS

Whitney Studios  Joomla CMS upgrade
Alycia Cooper  WordPress CMS
Makeup by Rola  Joomla CMS
Cacho Maintenance & Landscaping  Joomla CMS
Valencia Pet  Joomla CMS
Metro Pacific Real Estate  Joomla CMS
SCV Home Buyer  WordPress CMS
Elizabeth Tinglof  WordPress CMS
David W. Douthat (artist)  WordPress CMS
Year of the Diamond  WordPress CMS

2010 to 2012 (New & reBuilt Websites)

Shamrock Tank Lines
Penrose Truck Repair
Dish N' Out
Rachel Lynn Vocal Studio
Rachel Lynn Sebastian
So Cal Furniture Outlet
Young & ng
Music City 411
Villamar Michoacan (Los Angeles, CA
Alta Dena Plumbing
The Januariez
Face Chef
John Burroughs High School Aquatics Program
Glamazon Media
Scorpion Motorsports
Rogue Fabworks
Elizabeth Tinglof
Corrine Costello
Jodi Adler
Susie Glaze
Mark Bramlett
Scott Lindsey Country
Megan McGovern
Chet Sisk
Ace January Productions
Music City Awards

1998 to 2009

I should note, that although I have created alot of websites over the years, several of them may or may not still be active, due to various reasons...


Mona for Now (Los Angeles, CA)

Burbank Underground (somewhere, CA)

Brian Stace (Nashville, TN)

El Primo (Los Angeles, CA)

Las Voces del Bajio (Los Angeles, CA)

Mark Bramlett (Los Angeles, CA)

Angela Easterling (Los Angeles, CA)

Laura Lynn (Los Angeles CA)

Rachel Lynn Muziq (Los Angeles, CA)

Thats My Daughter (Hollywood, CA)

Nadeea (Hollywood, CA)

MCThis (Hollywood, CA)

DaCapo Music (Nashville, TN)

Stephanie Riggio (Silver Lake, CA)

Melody Grove & the Movement (Hollywood, CA)

Jen Leigh (Los Angeles, CA)

Monti Hannah (LA, CA)

Susie Glaze (Los Angeles, CA)

PBS (Los Angeles, CA)

Lucas Hoge (Nashville, TN)

DaRiffs (North Hollywood, CA)

Busy Minds Music (Los Angeles, CA)
Film / Video

Jodi Adler (Hollywood, CA)

Chelsea''s On Main (Los Angeles, CA)

Beyond Borders Film (Los Angeles, CA)

Ola Grupera (Los Angeles, CA)

Workplace Hollywood (Los Angeles, CA)

ESQ Management (Los Angeles, CA)

RonCineTV (New York, NY)

Not MTV (Los Angeles, CA)

Seeking Liberty (Los Angeles, CA)

Wild Bunch Films (Los Angeles, CA)

The Angel Doll Movie (Los Angeles, CA)

I-See-You (Los Angeles, CA)
Art & Photography

Collage Night (Santa Rosa, CA)

DWD Painting (Los Angeles, CA)

Ulf Wallin Photography (Los Angeles, CA)

Cathryn Farnsworth Photography (Los Angeles, CA)

Samira Entertainment - Belly Dance (Los Angeles, CA)

Good Job Design (Los Angeles, CA)

Sofisticati (Sherman Oaks, CA)

Rick Izquieta - Comedy (Los Angeles, CA)

Wandering Goblin (Los Angeles, CA)

Good Job Design (Los Angeles, CA)

Game-Punk (North Hollywood, CA)

UrbStyles (Los Angeles, CA)

Faces of Speed (Los Angeles, CA) | Joomla 1.5 Community

3 Guys Racing (Los Angeles, CA)

Cowgirl Interactive (Phoenix, AZ)

Corporate / Retail

Rolloff Hauling Services (Los Angeles, CA)

Diaspora  Girl (Los Angeles, CA)

Elite Billet (Oceanside, CA)

Resume and Career Services (Los Angeles, CA)

Create Now! (Los Angeles, CA)

Great Iguana Records (Nashville, TN)

NUEA (Northwestern University Entertainment Alliance (Los Angeles, CA)

BZ Company (Marina del Rey, CA)

Joseph and Kim - Sotheby''s Realtors (West L.A., CA)

Prolang (Santa Ana, CA)

Outsource Resource (N.Y., NY) (Atlanta, GA) (Los Angeles, CA)
Additional Clients:

Marc Kunkel (Nashville, TN)

Mestizo Promotions (Los Angeles, CA) (Nashville, TN)

Theatrical Enterprises LA (Hollywood, CA)

Click Photography (Los Angeles, CA / N.Y., NY)

the Blairing Out Show (Los Angeles, CA)

Santa Clarita Independent Film Festival (Santa Clarita, CA)

Hit Me - The Movie (Hollywood, CA)

Scat Tees (Silver Lake, CA)

BLM Entertainment (Hollywood, CA)

DonYi Magazine (Los Angeles, CA)

Nexus Modeling (Los Angeles, CA)

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"The Distance, whether it be Years or Miles, brings with it Understanding"
~ TVG (from the song Distances)

TVG Music

A compilation of music recorded over the years from various projects & sessions

Lone Wolf Music

A "reVisioning" of music written & recorded during the 80's, 90's and 00's

Chelsea's On Main

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